Everyone Wants To Go To Heaven, But Why?

Heaven is not the end for us, it is not the goal. Heaven is where the soul will become clean of its stains of sin and where it will await the resurrection of the body. It will be one again with YAH without any “evil inclination” influence of the body. The soul’s deeds have been judged and the wood hay and stubble have been burned away; no way could the wood, hay and stubble be allowed into heaven.

On the other hand the body that sinned, and we all have, has paid the price of its sin, it died and has been returned to the earth from which it was taken from.

At the resurrection the now clean soul is reunite with a body that too has paid the price of its sin and the two will be rejoined to receive the rewards the two deserve. The body has already been judged; it was convicted, sentenced to death and it has paid the price. The soul has gone through “hell” as it makes its way back to heaven, to where souls come from.

Judaism teaches that the soul’s journey back to heaven takes up to twelve months, depending upon the amount of stain that is on a soul. The burning of hell is what the soul feels as it makes its way back, as it goes through its cleaning process so it can once again feel comfortable in heaven. 

All the secret sins we have committed in our lives, every unkind word, every second glance, every unclean thought… everything we ever did that was against YAH’S commandments, statutes, ordinances or judgments, in thought, word or deed. They all left a stain and now we are faced with our stain filled soul as it makes its way back to YAH. The shame, guilt, the disappointing feeling you will have as all that iniquity comes to light for all to see; is it any surprise that we will burn in shame?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to see YAH with stains on my soul; I don’t want it to take the full twelve months for it to be made spotless and clean again.  Is there anything I can do now to start the cleaning process?

Praise be to YAH there is. First, I need to acknowledge that I have sinned in word, thought and deed.  Second, I need to change my ways. This can’t be a “oh I’m sorry please forgive me” and then go on my way. There has to be a radical change in my life. My soul need to be in the forefront on my actions, thoughts and deeds. Let me rephrase that… YAH has to be in the forefront of all my actions, thoughts and deeds, all the time. As it is He sees everything, and knows everything; I need to come to that realization and live my life accordingly.

This Idea that His grace will cover my sins is misleading. If it is all about His grace, then where is my remorse, my shame, my repentance, my change of heart, my love for Him, my respect? When people say it is all about His grace they are only half right but we will still be held accountable for our action. If this were not true, then why is  there going to be a day of judgment?

The idea of facing YAH with egg (so to speak) all over your face, all over my face should terrify us.  For twelve long months, until that last little spot, that little white lie is removed we will know, we will feel we will see it.  It is His grace that only allows your soul to suffer for up to twelve months.

Thirdly, with this new outlook on our souls and with our new desire to try to undo some of the damage we have done to our souls as we live every breath with a better understanding and acknowledgement that it is all done before YAH’S eyes, it is now time to live our  repentance out.

You can’t work your way into YAH’S good graces but once you are there, why would you not want to please Him, to live your life as He has defined what is pleasing in His sight? Why does mainstream Christianity kick so hard against keeping Torah, when Torah is YAH’S  teachings and instructions that when followed, will set you apart from the rest of His creation that have not experienced His grace yet.

Look at the Ten Commandments… which one of them asks us to do anything immoral, unjust or would not benefit mankind if they were kept? Now take a look at the other teaching and instructions in Torah. Which one of them would you not want others to treat YOU by?

Every religion has its lists of “Do’s and Don’ts” we don’t dance, we don’t smoke, we don’t drink, we don’t drink cola and the list goes on for days. All these man made rules are given to you to set your religion, your denomination apart from the others.

YAH has a chosen people. He did not necessarily choose them because they are better than any other people group, in fact He calls them a “stiff necked people” a “rebellious people” an “unfaithful people” yet those are the ones He chose. We have taken His patients to the limits and more than once He wanted to destroy us or repented that He ever chose us, yet, it is His grace that has saved us.

What were we  stiff necked about, what did we rebel against and what were we unfaithful to? HIS TEACHINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS!!! It’s not that we could not keep them but rather we likes the leaks and garlic from Egypt, we likes the free sex of the other pagan religious rituals, We wanted man made statues/gods like everyone else; basically we wanted what we wanted and that still holds true for ALL of His creation today.

“I like the idea that I am of the chosen people but GOD, don’t talk to me, talk to Moses” and so He did and we lost out and we no longer walked in the cool of the evening with Him.

The sacrificial system was put into place to accommodate our rebellion. Even that we defiled and for the past two thousand years there has been no Temple to carry those sacrifices out. He didn’t want or need our desecration.

Today with the corona virus most of all “religious” events, across the board have been canceled. Have they all become corrupted, have men’s traditions become the norm as His Statutes, ordinances, judgments, His teachings and instructions been ignored or so watered down that I am not sure that even He can make heads or tails out of them anymore.

 Is He saying to us “I don’t need or want your lip service”, “I want a personal relationship with YOU, I want to walk in the cool of the evening with YOU, I want us to return to Eden with YOU!”, “I don’t want or need religion”.

We were not created to spend eternity in heaven, we were created to spend eternity with Him in the Garden in Eden.

Since man first acquired his knowledge of “Good and Evil” in the Garden, to this very day, it has caused YAH’S creation nothing but pain and sorrow. We long for it to be over, we long for Meshach to come, to put the finishing touches on this world, rectify the wrongs, to lead us in the path or righteousness  and then like Moses, lead us back into the Promised Land, The Garden in Eden.