Don’t Be Caught Sleeping.

With everything that is happening in the world today; and it is happening on every level and in every country the coming of Meshach can’t be too far off.

How close are we? No one knows for sure but here is one way to look at it and something to consider.

The Torah tell us in Psalm 90:4 that one day is like a thousand years to YAH. On the Hebrew calendar we are now in year 5780. That puts us in day 780 in day six or Friday afternoon.

We are all looking forward to that seven thousandth year because in it, will begin our Sabbath year and that will user in the millennium reign of Meshach.

Torah tells us that the day begins at sunset, not 12:01 a.m. Shabbat, or the seventh day begins  at sunset as well; so let’s do a little math.

If you take 1000 day and divide it by 24 ( the number of hours in a day) you get 41.66 day.  Now take 780 and divide it by 41.66 and you get how many hours we are into the sixth day 780/41.66=18.72. We are 18.72 hours into the sixth day. It is now Friday afternoon or about five hours before Shabbat starts.

It’s time to get our house in order.

It is now time for us to finish our preparations for Shabbat. To prepare what we will be eating, to get our house in order.  If you are going to spend Shabbat with family somewhere than it time for you to pack your bags and get ready to travel.

In Israel, by  2 P.M. on Fridays most street start to be empty and that last minute shopping is just about done and we look forward with great anticipation to the coming of Shabbat, just like we are looking forward to the coming of Meshach. By this time of day you hear friends wishing each other “Shabbat Shalom”. So to you all that read YAH’S Corner… SHABBAT SHALOM!!!