Where Does Arthritis Gets Its Roots

There is no soundness in my flesh Because of Your anger, Nor any health in my bones Because of my sin…[1]   For my loins are full of inflammation, And there is no soundness in my flesh…[2]1  My loved ones and my friends stand aloof from my plague, And my relatives stand afar off.[3]

Not only do we now know where arthritis gets its roots from and  Coved-19 as well!…

 Don’t think we are good people; we have ALL gone astray[4]. Most of the world refuses to keep Torah, let alone keep Shabbat and those that do, have polluted it horribly with traditions; adding to and subtracting from it.[5]

We are not fighting a virus… were fighting the hand of YAH because of SIN. What the world is going through is the result of OUR sin and no mask or vaccine will put an end to it. All they will do is add insult to injury and give power to those over us like never before.

As you read this do the hairs on the back of your neck begin to stand on end? Do you get offended when you hear “we are not good people”? Do you say; “So you are telling me I am doing things wrong, I’m sinning? By the aches and pains in my body I must be guilty of all the sins in the world!”

If that is your response, if that is my response where is our humility, where is the self-examination? What about those secret sins we are all guilty of, the ones we think YAH doesn’t see  or we excuse, don’t those count? Are little white lies O.K.; is a little gossip acceptable? Is that BLT that important to you? You may say, those dietary laws[6] were  and are for the Jews; and you would be correct in saying so; but now take it a step further.

The Children of Israel are indeed YAH’S chosen people, there is no getting around that. YAH gave them Torah to keep, there in no denying that.  When The Children of Israel left Egypt there was a “Mixed multitude”[7] (of Egyptians) that when out with them  as well. When Moses asked YAH what about these that are coming with us, YAH’S answer was “One law for one people”.[8] In other words everyone is welcome to come with and to join in with the Children of Israel and the covenants YAH made with them, the only requirement for them was… “One law for one people”.

Religious Jews want to keep everyone who is in that “mixed multitude out all together and make it a long up hill process to convert. On the other hand Christians who say they are grafted in to the covenants and promises YAH has made to the Children of Israel say “Torah has been nailed to the cross and we do not need to keep it.” If they are truly grafted in, how can the root have no effect on them? Can a tree give both sweet fruit and salty fruit at the same time?

I am sure Hitler gave wonderful gifts to Eva Braun and all those in his inter circle, all the while ordering the execution of millions of people. Bad people know how to do nice things. I look at myself; I have dedicated my life to help people and supplying  humanitarian aid. I have faced dangers that no one should have to face; I even spend time in Torah study and reading daily; some people call me a good person. Yet I know who I am, I know my thought that no one will ever know, I know my attitudes, I know my sins only YAH has seen, so in spite of all I do that people would say is good, I know who I am and today I understand why my hip hurts, and it has nothing to do with my age!

Missing the mark

If we take Torah out of the picture we lose our “plumb bob”[9], we lose what we need to measure what is right and wrong against. Adam and Eve acquired their own knowledge of good and evil when they ate of the fruit in the garden. With their knowledge of good and evil, they justified their wrong doing, their sin and they passed down that same twisted knowledge of good and evil down to us. Without the plumb bob of Torah we have nothing to measure what we do against. 

  Thus says יהוה of hosts: “Consider your ways!”[10]

At one point Adam and Eve stood naked before YAH. They had nothing to hide from Him; no sins, no secret sins… NOTHING and they were able to walk in the cool of the evening with Him.[11] When Adam groomed the garden his back did not hurt at the end of the day and he never broke a sweet. When Eve gave birth her pain was not supposed to be greatly multiplied; neither of these were in the original plan but because of sin their bodies began to die.[12]

The condition of the world today and the emergence of  A one world government is a result of our sin and the entire earth is being judged. The good news… It will only be temporary until THE ONE WHO RULES THE WORLD puts His government in order. 

Remove Your plague from me; I am consumed by the blow of Your hand.[13]

Heart trouble ? According to the CDC, cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in the USA. Why is that? Could it be duplicity of heart?  YAH tells us to love Him with ALL our heart,[14] yet do we: I want to but do I? The sad answer for me is no I don’t… I want to but the fact of the matter is I don’t. So I suffer from high blood pressure. On the one hand I want to love YAH with all my heart and on the other hand I constantly wrestle with good and evil, right and wrong. My heart is under constant pressure in my fight.

Having trouble with your hearing? It could be from the loud noise at work or the loud music you listen to as a kid… or it could be that we have learned to turn off that “still small voice”[15] that speaks to us at EVERY fork in the road.

When my gout flares up, the first thing I think about is how is my walk before YAH. Is my walk as painful to Him as it is to me?

Death was the byproduct of Adams and Eve’s sin and all the thing that effect our health and our bodies is that death process doing its job. Death will be here until this world as we know it comes to an end.

One day we will all be judged. We will stand before YAH as He plays our lives for all to see on the big screen of heaven. I don’t know who you think will be with you to defend you ; What I want to know is how are you going to feel, how am I going to feel when our lives are played back before YAH and the heavenly host to see? How low will my head fall to the ground in shame, what hell will I go through as that still small voice cries out “I told him not to do that”. I will have no defense. If you think you will say my Rabbi said it was O.K. or this is what I was taught, and you will be off the hook, think again. If you think you will say “I am  saved by grace” you may also want to think again. It will be hell as your life is replayed before all to see.

In the end what ever judgment befalls me, it will be just, that I can guarantee and the only person I will have to blame is myself. Will my good deeds outweigh by bad deed… I don’t know… my guess.. I will fall short on that account. If I am saved from what I deserve, it will indeed only be by the grace of YAH.

Truly my soul silently waits for God; From Him comes my salvation.  He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense; I shall not be greatly moved.[16]

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