The Peasant and The Princess

There was a peasant farmer who married a princess. After they were married they moved onto the peasant’s farm. The peasant noticed that the princess was not happy and he thought “Oh she is not happy because we do not have enough potatoes. So he worked harder and brought home more potatoes, but she was not any happier.

He said “Oh what a fool, she wants more tomatoes” so he went out, worked hard and brought home more tomatoes but she was not any happier, in fact she became sadder.

He started to fix the house and she became even more sadder. Not knowing what to do any more he confronted her.

“I don’t understand… I have given you everything a man could give his wife and nothing makes you happy” The princess said “I know you have been trying to make me happy, but you have no idea what makes a princess happy.” When I lived in the Castell we had the greatest musician that came and played, we had the most learned men to come teach and the finest foods to eat… I miss the Castell”.

What the king should have done is sent things from the Castell along with his daughter so she wouldn’t get home sick.

We try to make our souls comfortable and happy but we have no idea what it takes to make a soul happy. We give it potatoes, tomatoes, sex, drugs and rock and roll, we give it religion and traditions and yet it longs for  “For the courts of יהוה

YAH has given us a part of heaven, it’s call the Tanakh or Torah. King David put it this way… ”My soul longs, yes, even faints For the courts of יהוה ; My heart and my flesh cry out for the living God”.

Do you want to satisfy your souls longing… open the  Tanakh and start reading… anywhere and feel your soul rejoice!