GOD’S Positioning System

I was listening to an old Alan Jackson song. In the introduction of the song he says that he stopped to by an Atlas so he wouldn’t get lost. Well, today I don’t know if you could find an Atlas or a road map; today most cars have GPS and if yours doesn’t then you probably have GPS on your phone.

GPS is kind of cool; all you have to do is type in where you are going and it maps out your route. It follows you from start to finish and it even tells you where gas stations are and restaurants along the way, and a whole lot more.

YAH has a GPS system! From before you were ever born until the day you did He too maps out your route. He has the best route for you to take, yet sometimes we go to the left or to the right of the way He would have us go. He like GPS gives us an alternate route that will bring us back to the route He wants us to go.

I knew you from your mother’s womb.

The steps of a righteous mam are ordered of YAH.

I will never leave you or forsake you.

The GPS in our cars, or on our phones tell us how long it will take us to get to our destination and when we look at our watch we either speed up a bit or don’t make any stops along the way. Although YAH does not tell us how long our journey is, He does give us places to stop along the way. The question is, are we willing to stop to help this person, or to help someone change a flat tire, are we willing to buy them a pair of shoes or some food?

Are we willing to stop and use our jumper cables to help get someone’s car started or to jump start someone’s life? Are we willing to pick that person up and give them a ride to where they need to go or are we too consumed by the time it will take or the money it will cost?  Are we willing to take the time to nurture or encourage someone along the way or even be nurtured or encouraged ourselves along the way?

I once heard a saying… “They are so heavenly minded that they are no earthly good.” Do we have our foot on the gas pedal, hell bent to get to our destination, not willing to stop, along the way for anyone or anything, following every precept of our faith but never putting any of them into action?

YAH put all these stops along the way for us and He tells us “Stop here and help them” or “tell them this for Me”; Not in the same way your GPS tells you “at the next intersection turn left”… He speaks in that still small voice to your heat. Have you downloaded YAH’S GPS to your heart?

When we finally get to our destination, which by the way will be right on time, what will we say to YAH when He asks “How was your trip, what did you see or do along the way?” “I kept my eye on the prize and drove straight through” is that what we will tell Him? Will we see the people we helped along the way and the places we stopper to nurtured or encourage? Will we arrive at our destination nurtured, encourage and refreshed or will we be suffering from jet lag?

The next time you get in your car and turn on your GPS to help you get to your destination, remember, YAH has His GPS on and He has been and will always be mapping out the best route for you to take; even if you have gone off course, He is always mapping out a way for you to get back on the proper route to Him.